Adam Malang - Pakan AyamFEED is Largest Expense (75%) in Poultry Farm.

Chicken has habit to dig and throw the feed away during eating. If your feeding equipment is inappropriate (not well designed for feeding chickens), then you will find that many feeds will endup outside of the feeder. This is a Waste !
This throw away process of feeds will happen everyday, every week, every month, as long as you breed them.

By using the correct equipment, you can save 3 gram of feed/bird/day. For population of 10.000 birds with assumption price of feed Rp5.000/day for 30 days, you can save = 0,003 kg x 10.000 birds x Rp5.000/kg x 30 day = Rp 4.5000.000/month.



For Broiler Farmers.
If you could checked-in 5x / year
your effeciency every 10.000 birds is Rp 22.000.000/year.



For Layer Farms.
For 1 period (18month), you can save
= Rp.4.500.000/month x 18month = Rp 81.000.000/period.


Saving Illustration for other Populations

BIRDS BROILER [/year] LAYER [/period]
10.000 Rp 22.500.000 Rp 81.000.000
20.000 Rp 45.000.000 Rp 162.000.000
30.000 Rp 67.500.000 Rp 243.000.000
40.000 Rp 90.000.000 Rp 324.000.000
50.000 Rp 112.500.000 Rp 405.000.000
60.000 Rp 135.000.000 Rp 486.000.000
70.000 Rp 157.500.000 Rp 567.000.000
ADAM POULTRY has effecient poultry feeders, specifically designed for broilers and layers.

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