Pendingin - Bumi terbakarGlobal warming also has a negative impact on poultry farms. In Layer Farms these will affect on the productivity (less Hen Day), where as in the Broiler Farms it will affect on the weight growth . If the temperature keeps rising, then the mortality figure will be rise too.

Adam Poultry have solutions for you regarding the extreme & certain weather.


Adam Poultry - Closed House

Optimal & current popular way is to adopt a closed house system

  • Temperature can be controlled at certain range
  • Dencity can be increades 7-8 chickens/m2 to 12-16 chickens/m2
  • Production of eggs are Stable + Heavier
  • Weights growth of Broiler are good and can be harvested 5-7 day/periode
  • Incoming Deaseas can be minimalised
  • Less mosquitos and flies, hence more hygienic
  • Lower mortality figure
Adam Poultry - Cooling Pad Closed House
Adam Poultry - Exhaust Fan Blower Closed House