Pullet Ayam Ras


Harga pullet ayam ras petelur

Laying chickens are specially reared chickens producing eggs, in this case laying chicken. To obtain seeds of the laying hens, breeders can search in two ways, pullet rearing itself (maintain since the DOC / children aged chicken a day) and buy a pullet. Chicken laying pullet is located in the grower period (pre – spawn), which is usually 10-16 weeks old.

By buying pullet, breeder is more practical and need not be bothered to maintain from the beginning (since DOC) to growers, which will certainly take time, process, and more energy.


Kandang ayam DOC

Laying Chicken Pullet Adam advantages, including :

- Using Seeds (Hisex), Feed and the best Vaccine.
- Maintenance using Modern Battery Cage.
- Size and weight is in accordance with the standard breeders.
- Uniformity better.
- Have a history of life and a good recording.
Entrusting your needs at our seeds . We provide pullet Chicken Laying age 10-16 weeks. Waiting for, please contact  ADAM POULTRY – 085 103 777 776