Cages Complete Set

ADAM POULTRY also supplies a Complete Set : Cages + Frame + Drinking + Feeding Equipment
including a Travelling Hoppers

By using our Complete Set Cages, you can eliminate feed which drop outside the trough (if you do manual feeding)
This is a significant value since feed comprises 75% of poultry business expenses.

This Complete Set Cages certainly is agood decision since it is a guarante that all component will work well, because they are all designed & synchroned by one company only, Adam Poultry


Adam Poultry AP335 Adam-Poultry-AP335
Adam Poultry AE358 Adam Poultry AE458
MODEL AP335 AP345 AE358 AE458
Depth 35 45 58 58
Width 40
Height 40
Section Width 200
Galvanised Steel C Profile
A 251 308 302 364
B 195 254 246 308
C 165 165 191 254
D 202 202 228 291
Feed Trough Galvanised Steel Plate
Feeding System Traveling Hopper @ 0,75kw
Drinking Nipple Drinker
Bird Per Cage 3 4 5 5


– Hot Dip Galvanis Cages
– Frame from arranging the cages
– Nipple Drinking Equipment
– Hot Dip Galvanis Feed Trough
– Traveling Hopper Feeding System

Main Advantages
* Labour Effecient :
1 man can handle 9000 birds
* Feed Effecient :
only required 116 gram/bird, because there is no throw away feed during manual feeding or by the feed itself.

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kandang baterai lengkap manual feeding

You will obtain the following goods :

- Hot Dip Galvanised layer Cages
– Frame for arranging the cages
– Nipple Drinker Equipment
– Hot Dip Galvanised Feeder Trough

Length 240 [cm]
Section Width 30 [cm]
Door Position Front


ADAM POULTRY supplies cages which can be used DOCĀ  from day 1 to 13 weeks.



– Hot Dip Galvanised Starter Cages
– Frame for supporting the cages
– Nipple Drinker Equipment
– Hot Dip Galvanised Feeder Trough

The growth in the first 4 weeksperiod is crucial, since it is the foundation of it’s the future growth, healthy and productivity.

If in this period the growth is bad,
the effect can be carried out for the next 18 months (for layers).

Our STARTER CAGE has a following advantages

1. Hygienic, birds and litter are not on a same floor
2. Competiton Level between the bird are not high

chickbecause 1 partition P120 x L60 x T48 only consist of:
47-36 birds (3 weeks old)
38-29 birds (5 weeks old)
24-18 birds (12 weeks old)
Same Growth !

3. Space Effecient
4. Easy for Grading Process
5. Low mortality, since there is no stackingĀ  of birds accident.

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