ADAM POULTRY start introducing Nipple Drinker in 1994.
It’s not easy to convince local poultry farmers to change their usual way in providing drinking water to their birds. Only a few poultry farmers want to try this nipple drinker.

As time goes by, their’s mind more open and after observing the poultry farmers whom already use the nipple drinker and there were not problem, they start to try this method.
Nowdays, nipple drinker are widely accepted already.

We are the sole distributor for HMV Group Plc, Norwich – England.

ADAM POULTRY nipple drinkerĀ  already tested by Indonesian’s poultry farmers since 1994 therefore quality is a guarantee.


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ADVANTAGES from using ADAM Nipple Drinker

  • Clean water supply to birds
  • Effecient in Labour, 1 man ~ 4.500 chickens
  • Slowing down the spread of Coryza diseases
  • No waste in the drinking trough
  • Instalation is easy, no need of special tools
  • Maintenance is also easy
  • Save water
  • Proven to leaking
Adam Poultry - Pemborosan Minum Biasa If you use Paralon (a water pipe which cutted in half), there will be feed moved to the paralon. This is a Waste !

ADAM Nipple Drinker trailer in Layer farm

ADAM Nipple Drinker trailer in Broiler farm



ADAM POULTRY also supplier other nipple accesories:

  • Baterai Drip Cup and Pipe Drip Cup
  • Water Pressure Regulator
  • End Set, water pressure stabilizer at the end of pipe
  • Filter Disc , the cartridge can be washed

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